Poster Session

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Conference Day One - 5:20 PM

Taking place at 6:00 PM on Conference Day One, this Poster Session will be a chance for you to share what you're currently working on, in order to:

  • Demonstrate your thought leadership in this dynamic field 
  • Gain visibility and exposure in showcasing your innovations 
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with peers to receive direct feedback 
  • Attract the attention of industry stakeholders and collaborators.  

This is your chance to take the spotlight and showcase your innovations in the space. Poster session applications have just opened and there are only 12 passes available. Using the link below, send us your poster. All that's needed is a short description, and we will confirm your poster submission once you have registered for the conference.

*There is no additional charge, but we ask that poster displays are not used for sales or marketing purposes. All poster abstracts are subject to approval by the conference organizers.