Navigating Complex Safety Challenges in Research & Development of Advanced Cell & Gene Therapies

Time: 9:30 am
day: Pre-Conference Day


Despite the success and clinical promise of advanced cell and gene therapies, a set of unique safety challenges are unveiled. In this dynamic and interactive workshop, delve into strategies for overcoming the complex set of safety challenges to ensure the well-being of your workers despite uncertainties and contribute to the safe advancement of revolutionary therapies.

  • Explore exposure risks of mutagenic compounds and the challenge of defining acceptable limits to viral vector exposure and strategies for risk minimization in the absence of defined exposure limits
  • Discuss your thoughts and hear the opinions of industry experts on the concerns of prolonged exposure leading to antibody production
  • Explore strategies to optimize viral vector design to prioritize worker safety across early development, reduce exposure risks and save time in later development stages.

This workshop is designed to provide you valuable insights into addressing emerging challenges and uncertainties in the field. Equipping you with the knowledge and strategies to ensure the safety of your team.