Organizational Design to Navigate Resource Constraints in EHS to Achieve Operational Excellence

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day


With rapidly growing pipelines with novel modalities, economic pressures, and the growing demands of regulatory compliance, the roles and expectations placed on EHS teams have expanded well beyond the limitations of resource availability, meaning EHS teams must now achieve their goals with smaller, dispersed teams. Addressing resourcing and support challenges now requires less conventional approaches. This workshop explores innovative strategies employed by experienced EHS leaders to overcome these challenges and navigate resource constraints, expect coverage of:

  • Strategies for streamlining processes to maximize efficiency despite limited staff and budgeting resources
  • Fostering collaboration between teams to share resources and expertize, promoting an integrated approach to resource management
  • Integrating energy and waste sustainability principles into EHS strategies to minimize resource consumption
  • Leveraging EHS software technology and auditing automation to enhance EHS efficiency and reduce resource-intensive manual tasks
  • Viewing training of workforce as an investment rather than an expense to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge and perform their roles more effectively preventing costly accidents

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to discuss your resource challenges and hear the opinions of EHS expert leaders for strategies on thriving amidst resource constraints. Leave with actionable insights to empower your EHS teams to succeed in resource-constrained R&D and manufacturing environments.